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Abb. used in vessel's descriptions
Bill of Lading Clauses
Examples of ship’s certificates
Charters parties & B/L forms
RMRS symbols
Maritime organizations links
Below documents are in
RUSSIAN language only:
Common abbreviations
SI measurement units
Miscellaneous units
Ship's characteristics
Power and propulsion systems:
  - internal combustion engines
  - steam boilers
  - electrical equipment
  - repair
  - refrigeration plants
  - auxiliary engines
  - fuel and lubes
  - materials science
Ship's theory
Classification of cargoes
Information on containers

Examples of ship’s certificates (Common forms)

Form Area
Maritime declaration of health All countries
Money Declaration All countries
Schedule of health declaration All countries
Vaccination List All countries
Ship's stores declaration All countries except USA
Cargo declaration All countries except USA
Crew effects declaration All countries except USA
Crew list All countries except USA
Dangerous Goods Declaration All countries except USA
General declaration All countries except USA
Passengers list All countries except USA
Belgian Declaration List Belgium
General declaration Canada Canada
Ship's stores declaration Canada Canada
Ships Particulars China
Dutch Arrival Netherlands
Notification in Advance Schengen Countries
PSA Marine Singapore
Master's declaration United Kingdom
USCG Cargo List USA
USCG Crew List USA
USCG Non-Crew and Passenger List USA
USCG Notice of Vessel Arrival USA
USCG Vessel ArrDep Update Report USA
Application to pay of or discharge alien crewmen USA
Cargo declaration USA USA
Crew effects declaration USA USA
Crew list Arrival USA
Crew list Departure USA
General declaration USA USA
Master's Oath USA
Passenger list Arrival USA
Passenger list Departure USA
Ship's stores declaration USA USA
Statements of Facts  
Disbursement Account