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The most commonly used bill of lading clauses

1. Application of laws and charter party references.

  • 1. 1. Application of Hague or Hague-Visby rules (Paramount).

    The Hague Rules contained in the International Convention for the Unification of certain rules relating to B/L, dated Brussels the 25th August 1924, as enacted in the country of shipment, the corresponding Legislation of the country of destination shall apply, but in respect of shipments to which no such enactments are compulsorily applicable, the terms of the said Convention shall apply..

  • 1. 2. Application of legislation of Russian Federation.

    This Bill of Lading shall have effect subject to the provisions of the Merchant Shipping Code of the RF, 1999..

  • 1. 3. Application of US legislation to shipments to Russia.

    These commodities are licensed by the USA for ultimate destination, Russia, diversion contrary to U. S. Law is prohibit..

  • 1. 4. Application of charter party clauses to bill of lading.

    Subject all terms, conditions and exceptions of the Charter party dated... at... including the arbitration clause.

2. Payment of freight.

  • 2. 1. Prepayment.
  • Freight prepaid Freight Collect Freight paid.

  • 2. 2. Shippers credit on freight prepaid terms.
  • Freight prepaid doesn't mean that freight was actually paid. Freight must be paid before discharge of the cargo.

  • 2. 3. Payment of freight in accordance with charter party clauses.
  • Freight payable as per Charter party dated... .

  • 2. 4. Payment of freight at destination.
  • Freight at destination.

  • 2. 5. Assignment of miscellaneous expenses to Consignees account.

    All expenses after passing ships tackle to be for receivers account.

3. Unknown properties clause.

  • 3. 1. Weight, measure, quality, quantity, condition unknown for owner.
  • 3. 2. Cargo information as declared by shipper.
  • Shipper's weight, Said to weight - - S. T. W.

    Said to be--S. T. B.

    Said to contain -- S. T. C.

    Shipper's Load, stow and count.

  • 3. 3.Quantity of cargo disputed

    Received on board 5300 mt, 100 mt more in dispute ( , ).

  • 3. 4. Impossibility of calculation of separate cargo parties.

    In bulk.

4. Other clauses.

  • 4. 1. Deck cargo clause.

    Shipped on deck at shipper's risk.

  • Carried on deck without liability for loss or damage how soever caused.
  • 4. 2. Unprotected cargo clause.

    Unprotected cargo, ship is not responsible for Losses or damages by reason of this fact.

  • 4. 3. Bills of lading originals clause in case if at least one original is carried on board of the vessel.

    One original Bill of Lading retained on board against which bill delivery of cargo may properly be made on instructions received from Shippers/Charters.

  • 4. 4. Some Arab countries clause.

    We certify that the carrying vessel is not owned by Israeli subjects and will not call at any Israeli port on route to...

5. Container clauses.

  • 5. 1. Container contents

    Said to contain - - S. T. C.

    Said to be--S. T. B.

  • 5. 2. Demurrage paid by the consignee clause.
  • Demurrage costs at port of discharge free time.... days. After expiry of the free time the following charges are due per day or part there of... Per 20' and... per 40' container..