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Ship Management
Oil tankers chartering
Technical Management
Ferrying of Vessels
Ship repair and modernization
Sale and Purchase of Vessels
Survey Services
Thickness measurements
Diesel Diagnosis (DDS)


Implementation of International Safety Management (ISM) Code:

  • Preparation of SMS documents for vessels and shore-based facilities;
  • Preparation of shore-based facilities and vessels for ISM certification;
  • Arrangement of class inspections of the company and vessels prior to issuance of Documents of Compliance (DOCs) for the company and Safety Management Certificates (SMCs) for the vessels;
  • Supply of convention documentation, nautical charts, instructions and procedures to the vessels with following validity control;
  • Control of conformity of the vessels with flag state and International Maritime Organizations requirements;
  • Preparation of other required documents including Emergency Towing Procedure, Low Sulfur Fuel Use, Vessels Garbage Management Plan, Vessels Energy Efficiency Plan, Vessels Oil Spillage Emergency Plan, Lifesaving Appliances Maintenance Plan, Firefighting Equipment Maintenance Plan, etc.
  • Implementation of vessels safety plans, setting-up of trainings on board and between the ship and the company;
  • Implementation and control of internal audits and possible deficiencies;
  • Control of familiarization of new crew members with the ship, their duties and safety procedures during operation or emergencies, Companys Policy, etc.
  • Risk assessment of ships operation in order to minimize damages and accidents;
  • Annual assessment of Companys Safety Management System by the senior management, implementation of measures directed at improvement of SMS level.

Implementation of International Ship and Port Facilities Security (ISPS) Code:

  • Ship Security Assessment;
  • Preparation of Ship Security Plan and approval by Class Society;
  • Vessels survey in accordance with ISPS Code requirements and issuance of International Ship Security Certificate.

Preparation for the vessels Maritime Labor Convention (MLC):

  • Preparation of MLC documentation in accordance with flag state requirements;
  • Assessment of ships conformity with MLC requirements;
  • Vessels survey and issuance of MLC certificate.

Preparation for the vessels Ballast Water Management Convention (BWM-2004) certification:

  • Preparation of Ballast Water and Sediment Management Plan and arrange to get an approval of RO for BWM Plan;
  • Vessels survey and issuance of Intl. BWM Certificate.

Conventions texts: