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Ship Management
Oil tankers chartering
Technical Management
Ferrying of Vessels
Ship repair and modernization
Sale and Purchase of Vessels
Survey Services
Thickness measurements
Diesel Diagnosis (DDS)

Technical Management

Trans-Service Maritime Agency offers technical management services of seagoing and river-sea vessels, including fishing and special purpose, based on Shipman 2009 BIMCOs standard ship management agreement.

Within the scope of the contract the company renders following services:

  • Inspection of vessels, consulting, formal, legal and technical assistance to ship owners during the process of sale or purchase of the vessel. Concluding of sale / purchase agreements (SALEFORM 1993);
  • Issuance of Reports on condition of vessels hull, machinery and vessels certificates in compliance with international requirements accepted by insurance companies, P & I Clubs and banks;
  • Concluding of H & M and P & I insurance agreements with major insurers on behalf of ship owners. Assistance to the owners, if necessary legal, during the issuance of claims, up to the receipt of insurance compensation;

Our company is the authorized direct representative, surveyor and technical consultant of the seven major insurance companies and P & I Clubs in Russian Federation.

  • Making up extended description of the vessel, her systems, machinery and equipment in order to create a database based on the computer technical management systems;
  • Development of computer vessels repairs and maintenance manual based on continuous system for the period of up to 5 years;
  • Development of the list of spare parts of ships machinery and equipment;
  • Development of schedule of supply of spare parts to the vessel in accordance with 5 year repairs and maintenance manual;
  • Development of financial budget of technical operation, maintenance and repairs for the period of up to 5 years;
  • Supply of bunkers, lube oil, greases, additives, spare parts, instruments, coveralls, machinery and equipment, consumables in any port of world. Direct connection with suppliers and ship chandlers all over the world;
  • Computer stocktaking of remains on board of bunkers, lube oil, greases, additives, spare parts, instruments, coveralls, machinery and equipment, consumables. Conclusion of liability agreements with the crewmembers on behalf of ship owner. Periodical inventories of values, control of wording of values transfer reports;
  • Composition of repair sheets, conclusion of repair and drydocking agreements with repair companies, superintendence of repairs;
  • Formation and forwarding of repair groups to the vessels to arrange repairs without discontinuing the trip;
  • Training, consulting and testing of crewmembers responsible for technical operation of the vessel. Consulting, testing and briefing of repairmen, composition of check-lists and repair instructions, measurement tables;
  • Direct overseeing of technical operation of vessels by regular communication with the vessels and periodical superintendents inspections;
  • Regular control of vessels condition, accuracy of ships logs and technical and statutory documentation required by the international conventions;
  • Overseeing of performance of vessels crew, repairmen on board and repair factories specialists in the area of technical operation and maintenance by the means of superintendence on board or shipyard;
  • Control of executed works, used spare parts as per manuals. Checking of measurement cards and liability reports;
  • Diagnosis of vessels main and auxiliary engines by installation and operation of DDS diesel diagnosis system, regular control of engines operation modes by processing of daily operation reports.
  • Work with classification societies, design and construction organizations in the course of vessels inspection by class society and execution of calculations of vessels modernization;
  • Interaction with flag states, international organizations, head offices of class societies in the course of vessels ISM Code certification;
  • Interaction with satellite communication providers, conclusion of mobile earth stations service and monitoring of ships position and movement history;
  • Modernization of trawl, refrigeration and technological complexes of fishing vessels in order to increase the product range and production output taking into account the area of fishing vessels operation.

Monitoring of innovations, inventions and new technologies with further information of ship owners thereof taking into account the subject vessels type.