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Ship Management
Oil tankers chartering
Technical Management
Ferrying of Vessels
Ship repair and modernization
Sale and Purchase of Vessels
Survey Services
Thickness measurements
Diesel Diagnosis (DDS)

Survey Services

Trans-Service Maritime Agency offers the whole range of survey services:

  • Average adjustment on behalf of insurance companies and P & I Clubs.
  • Technical and special inspection of condition of vessel’s hull and machinery, including pre-sale inspection:
    • appraisal of vessel’s technical condition, pre-sale inspection;
    • damage inspection of cargo compartments;
    • inspection of cargo hold hatches, coamings, vents;
    • inspection of condition of cargo gear, deck coating, gangways;
    • checking of compliance and validity of ship’s certificates;
    • measurement of remains of fuel, lubes and fresh water in vessel’s tanks;
    • survey of cargo compartments for possibility to accept certain cargoes;
    • inspection of cargo compartments after discharge of cargo.
  • Cargo survey (general, bulk, liquid, timber, foodstuff cargoes, containers) including:
    • taking samples;
    • laboratory analysis;
    • quality / quantity expertise;
    • cargo damage survey;
    • cargo holds / tanks post-unloading survey;
    • cargo condition survey;
    • damage extent expertise;
    • evaluation of amount of damage;
    • draught survey;
    • inspection of containers (railroad carriages) after unloading of cargo
  • Cargo damage survey and evaluation of extent of damage.
  • Inspection of condition of package / containers / tanks.
  • Cargo quality / quantity control during all cargo operations.
  • Condition survey of seagoing and river vessels including fishing and special purpose vessels.

General Information: