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Diesel Diagnosis (DDS)

Diesel Diagnosis Systems (DDS)

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Graphical User Interface

The DII Combustion Engine Monitoring System allows the user to select different presentation modes.  The general appearance of the screen consists of User Menu, DII System Status Bar, Graph, Warning, Parameter Grid and Engine Protection Areas.

Output Screen, shown by DII Monitoring System.

Figure 5.1

  • DII System Status Bar - presents the test subject’s name and basic information. (outlined in red for annotation only)
  • Graph Area - displays output from the user-selected modes shown in the User Menu Area.
  • Warning Area - displays system Alerts and Advice, generated in real-time, and shown in decreasing order of severity.  Messages from all modes continue to be displayed, no matter which mode is selected. 
  • Parameter Grid Area - shows the current value of measurement parameters, per each cylinder.  Displaying one column for each cylinder, the display auto-adjusts for the number of cylinders in the selected engine.
  • Engine Protection Area - This Area displays the Main Engine parameters (RPM, Power, Cylinder Max Pressure and Cylinder Power).

Notice, also, that the titles for each cylinder are color-matched in all parts of the screen.